• Did They Vote For C-51? 2015 javascript
    See how your MP voted on bill C-51 and tell them how you feel about that.

  • redacted.pictures 2015 javascript
    Make an image of redacted text, except for the words that you give to it.

  • Jeff 2014 mac
    The best way to record your screen as a GIF.

  • Scribble 2014 photoshop
    Annotate your PSDs with font information for better developer handoffs.

  • Today's Vote 2013 go
    Easily stay up to date with what Canada's House of Commons is voting on each day.

  • A1 Amplifier 2012 arduino
    An experimental physical interface.

  • Hacking the Hue 2012 ruby
    Control Philips Hue lightbulbs with your voice.

  • Portra 2012 javascript
    A photo sharing app built with iOS 6's HTML5 features.

  • Standards 2012 ruby
    Standards helps you build better habits.

  • jQuery Color Clock 2011 javascript
    A clock that changes color with the time.

  • Juke 2011 javascript
    The best way to show off your mixtapes.