Arduino: Capacitive Touch Sensor and LEDs

Just when I was planning to assemble the QT1106 breakout board I received from Rachel’s Electronics in Brooklyn I got my SparkFun shipment with the parts for the LED section of my (secret) project this morning. Even better! I bought a Maxim MAX7219 and some super bright white LEDs to power the display of my project, and the capacitive strip and some buttons will be the input.

The LEDControl and QT1106 (.zip) Arduino libraries are fairly straightforward to use, and after a little bit of banging my head against the wall wiring it came together nicely. The results with the linear sensor that was provided with the breakout board is a little bit jumpy, even after playing around with the settings. I will have to build a longer one anyways, so in addition to putting some work into more robust code I’ll see if there’s anything to improve in the sensor.

Now I’m going to need to order a Burr-Brown PGA2311 and dive into power supplies and analog/digital ground planes for the second and more difficult part of the project.