Zone Skipping

Gary Musson replied to my idea for Canada Post saying that ”Fedex in the US actually already does this under their SmartPost service“.

This is almost exactly what I envisioned, and they even offer this service to Canada with Canada Post. I’m excited that he found this and that someone thought of it before I did. This concept is actually very common, and is usually referred to as shipping consolidation or zone skipping. Just yesterday I received a shipment from Amazon that I was tracking with DHL Global Mail but was delivered to my door by Canada Post. I was very confused at the time.

What’s missing with these implementations is that I have *almost never* seen SmartPost or UPS Mail Innovations explicitly offered when shopping online. Canada Post should be evaluating how to better market and take advantage of the infrastructure that they have and how they can benefit from these services with the changing need for letter mail. I’d really love to see this become more prevalent, so from now on if the store ships with FedEx, UPS or DHL I’ll be sending them a request to start offering these options.