Web Stuff

I spent some time refactoring my personal site and decided to update it to Stacey 3 and Bootstrap. I was already using LESS so importing the core Bootstrap styles was really easy and has simplified keeping styles consistent across the site.

The new version of Stacey, which is up on GitHub on the master branch but isn’t mentioned on the public site yet, is a really great improvement. Notably: plain text files have been swapped for YAML and you can store image info in YAML instead of IPTC metadata (ugh). Templating is now done with Twig, which is so much more powerful than before (filters and proper iteration), and it’s not that difficult to convert existing templates to use it either.

I added retina support to audio.js (BYOImages for now), Juke and my own photos. I used retina.js for the photo gallery and added a condition to prevent loading the @2x photos on small screens, since the normal versions are large enough to look good. I also added a condition to Stacey to prevent including @2x images in asset collections so you don’t get duplicates. I’ve only done a bit of testing in simulators but I’ll try some real devices soon.