Standards Update

So here’s how it goes:

Checkbox grids are a game to me. Once I got in the habit of checking tasks off over a week or so I couldn’t help but see the empty spaces to improve.

The tasks that I track, and the way that I track them, have changed almost every week. I find that each week as I see how I’m doing I find a way to track it that more accurately reflects my results or motivates me by revealing my shortcomings. For example instead of just trying to cook three dinners each week I’m now tracking dinner every day. If I pay money for an immediate meal (fast food or restaurant) then I track the amount that I spent, and otherwise I get a checkmark. Same goes for breakfast and lunch too. This allows me to track what I’m eating and how much it’s costing me as well.

I’m still not cooking meals at home as much as I want to. I spoke with a friend, who cooks much more than I do, and they gave me some great suggestions that have me excited to try cooking a few meals this coming week. Be prepared with a recipe and ingredients! Planning is the biggest thing, and for myself I usually don’t have meal-worthy ingredients unless I’m actually going to make a meal so this should help.

What I consume in a day affects me a lot. I find I talk a lot at work and I can get dehydrated easily so I drink only lots of water. Fast food also makes me lethargic for hours afterwards. I’ve gotten better at making more conscious decisions about what I eat, but I still have some impulsiveness to hammer out.

The more I complete each week, the more that I try to do with my time. I’m not a particularly busy person, but an inefficient use of my time means that I don’t necessarily do that much. Like really do. This has started to improve over the past few months and I’ve really realized that I can always do more, more effectively, with my time. Since I began I’ve added daily French lessons, meditation, cleaning and journal entries to my list.

The things I’m looking forward to:

  • Having a conversation with my girlfriend in French.
  • Consistent meditation.
  • Developing and tracking monthly goals as well.
  • Finding more things to do.