Somebody Stop Me

Look what I bought! A fun little box camera, which I’m excited about for a couple reasons. I’ll finally get a chance to shoot 6x6 medium format, I’ve been slowly falling in love with the square aspect ratio on my GF1. My friends Brad and Katie let me tag along on a bike trip across downtown today, such beautiful weather. I’ll need to pick up some nice 100 ISO color film to shoot with this for the summer.

Flashbulbs! Like real, one-time-only flashbulbs! I can’t wait to try these out.

I also picked this flash up for $5. From what I’ve read, Vivitar flashes seem to be pretty versatile for what they are. It’s a little flimsy and cheap-feeling, but it’s got manual controls and a PC jack of some sort.

I had gotten this Canon MC a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty much a fully automatic version of the Olympus XA, it’s even got the neat little flash attachment that clips on the left side. I haven’t used it yet because it needs 4 AAA batteries (2 for the body, 2 for the flash). That’s one hassle about old cameras, you need to deal with so many different types of batteries.