• Went camping at Cold Lake Provincial Park with friends. It rained the whole time. ☔️
  • Rode 100KM with the MEC group ride at Turner Valley. 🚴



Software is the staging ground for the future, affording us the time and space to get our ethics right, before the stakes are raised.

Modern Medicine by Jonathan Harris

Plentiful access to modern energy is an essential prerequisite for human development and for decoupling development from nature.



This method of interpretation is indebted to the work of psychiatrist J. H. van den Berg, whose theory of metabletics (meaning, literally, the “theory of changes”) proposes that humanity and reality are inextricably interwoven and that human beings participate in the creation of their mutable realities. Rather than viewing traditional historical forces as giving rise to the current situation of the elderly, we must question what such forces indicate to us about the changing nature of human beings.”

Romanyshyn’s premise is that technology is a cultural dream of reincarnation. The body is a central issue to technology, primarily in its limitations. Consequently, “the telos of technology’s dream to refashion the body is toward abandonment of the body, toward disincarnation” (Romanyshyn, 20). This dream is realized by replacing flesh with function, by replacing the ritual body of archaic man with the technical body of the space man (The body of woman being altogether left in the shadow). The ultimate goal becomes to leave earth, and, in this departure, to escape the death which otherwise surely waits to claim us.

In former times, elders were intimately connected to the earth, and, as such, were governed by the cyclic patterns of nature. Theirs was the body of ritual, and their decay and passage toward death marked a return to the earth, an abiding with the natural rhythms of human existence. Such a living, ritualistic body was intrinsically endowed with the possibility of death. But with the advent of linear perspective vision, growing old became a technical function, not a natural one. With time being infinite, people simply grow old and “pass away.” There are no cycles which would threaten our sense of permanence and invulnerability to transition. Instead, there is only the straight ahead, the infinite beyond to which we aspire by leaving our bodies behind.

Janus Head - Alan Pope: The Elderly in Modern Society: A Cultural Psychological Reading

Our society is pathologically enthralled with “the new.” As scientists and engineers in global development, we’re inculcated starting from very early in our training to seek “the cutting edge” of technological innovation. But if we want the best chance of making a positive difference on the future, that’s the opposite of what we should do.

Forget the cutting edge embrace the old tech future - Engineering For Change