San Francisco, some recommendations

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Tips: Try the cable cars, they’re actually pretty fun. Grab a cityPASS if you plan on going to some museums, it’s worth the money. The map above is all of the places we went to, but some particular recommendations are:

  • Boba Guys - One thing and one thing only: boba tea. It’s at the bar inside Ken Ken Ramen and it’s not really obvious but just ask for some tea. I’ve had bubble tea (maybe) twice, so I’m not an expert or anything, but this was really great. Iced sweet black milk tea, but not too sweet. It’s $4 and worth it. Co-owned by Bin Chen/YMFY.
  • Greens - Go for the view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, stay for the great vegetarian food.
  • Foreign Cinema - My favorite restaurant of the trip, and the restaurant we went to first. Cool premise: They play a movie on a projector in a heated open-air courtyard, and they’ve got some old drive-in speakers so you can listen at your table if you want to. They had a Song Remains The Same cocktail that was described only as .
  • Señor Sesig - A great Philipino burrito truck with Philipino sodas.
  • Stanford - Really nice campus (if you can get there) that we drove to on our way to Cupertino.
  • Blue Bottle Coffee - I think we went to these half of a dozen times, it’s good. The one on Mint has some really nice breakfast food (gruyere over a poached egg and ham on toast, poached egg and sausage on cornbread), and the one at the top of SFMOMA has cute art-themed cookies and treats. Oh, and the coffee: everyone there’s an expert and they’ve got those siphon pots that are fun to watch.
  • Alcatraz - We went once during the day and once at night. If you can only go once (you call yourself a tourist?), there are more things to do and see on the tour at night but book your tickets at least a week in advance.
  • Hog Island Oyster Company - The mixed plate is nice to compare flavours and they had a great clam chowder too. We almost waited an hour though slowly prepared ourselves for it.
  • TCHO Chocolate - This was like the first time I had really good coffee, in that they do a great job of showing off different flavours of chocolate and now your bar is set a little higher.
  • Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop - Yelp says it’s the best, we didn’t try anywhere else. Good and cheap and fast, which you don’t get often.
  • California Academy of Sciences/DeYoung Museum - You could do both in a day if you wanted, they’re right across from each other. There’s penguins.