On Dreams

I’m not sure what exactly it is about them that makes them work. There is, in fact, an entire section of science devoted to them. So, you know, fair enough. But I love dreams. Like, the dreams that you wake up from a little bit drowsy and confused but a lot more relieved about life.

I just had a nap, that, apparently I needed more than I thought. So, that’s where this is coming from.

The very end of it involved a school bus pulling up to not-even-close-to-where-I’ve-ever-lived with me and my family out front. My mom hands me about 8 very long lengths of sausage links folded over her two outstretched arms and I then hand them to the five-foot-nothing little old lady who was just a second ago driving the bus and is now awaiting these sausage links as if we do this once every week. We engage in innuendo about sausages (yes, this is definitely my dream) and then my mom rolls her eyes and the end.

There was more of a beginning involving my elementary school gymnasium and a desk I could only half-fit in if I entered from below, etc.

But now I feel wildly refreshed. Seriously, I started today and the last week or so not feeling too good about my job or life, and now I feel awesome. Solving your problems with weird-ass dreamy stuff in your head. There’s a slogan.