Notes On iPad

I don’t post much Apple-related stuff for good reason, but here’s some thoughts on my iPad from the past week that I’ve had it.

Not having multitasking prevents my brain from multitasking. When I sit down to read an article in Instapaper, it forces me to concentrate on really reading and absorbing the information.

Video looks fantastic. I find myself wanting to watch all of the podcasts that until now sat unwatched in my iTunes librar

There’s still some things I go back to my MacBook Pro for, that I didn’t expect to. Replying to large amounts of email, certain things on the web, etc. It’s just a matter of software meeting up with the power of the interface. Takes time, man.

My MBP is becoming the server that my iPad syncs with more than anything else. That and Aperture is about all it will do, which is why I’m tempted to swap it for a new iMac.

Poolga has iPad-sized wallpapers now, so your iPad can match your iPhone and you can be the coolest designergeek on the block.

My Killer Apps

  • Instapaper 
    For anyone who reads online medium-long format writing, you need this.
  • Reeder
    Gorgeous, and wonderful uses of the multitouch controls. It’s particularly good at viewing any feeds with lots of photos, like the dumb amount of photography blogs I read.
  • Twitterific
    So glad they simplified this. I have always liked the single integrated stream of tweets, mentions and messages instead of the separation of Tweetie, but until now I couldn’t stand the other weirdnesses of Twitterific.
  • Simplenote
    Syncing with Notational Velocity on the Mac. It couldn’t hurt either app to have a better icon though.
  • Safari
    Scott Forstall said it better than I ever could.
  • Air Video paired with Automatic 2.0 and Transmission on the Mac
    Automatic 2.0 is worth the paid update, if only for the wonderful TV Show presets, and the Transmission web interface is great while viewed on the iPad. I’ve yet to try it outside the house, let alone on 3G, but the iPad screen trumps the MBPs anyways.