My New Wallet

My dad gave me the first wallet I ever really cared about, if you can care about such a thing. It was a wallet he had received when he played hockey around my age. I managed to use it every day for probably a decade and it shows now. I loved the way that it showed its age, but it started to get a bit neglectful of the stuff inside from the holes that had developed. I’m not throwing it out, but I am replacing it.

I looked around online for a new pocket mate, trying to figure out what style I wanted. I tend to keep a pretty minimal set of cards with me, avoiding Costanza syndrome. A larger travel wallet was intriguing, possibly because of my bag whore tendencies.

In the end, I found out about Saddleback Leather through eBay. They have some really fantastic leather goods in traditional styles. Really not my thing from a design point, but I do have a love of well worn leather and long-lasting, well-made products. The Passport Wallet seemed like a happy medium size (more on that in a bit) and I ordered one in Tobacco Brown. This of course goes against my murdered-out instincts to get the Carbon Black colour, but I figured this would look a lot better a few years down the road.

After a few weeks of using a rubber band for a wallet, it finally arrived:

It holds all of my everyday cards, and will work great when travelling to hold my passport and tickets as well.

Now, Saddleback has all their sizes listed on their website, so I should have known better. I even mocked up the wallet with some cardboard to see how I would like it, and it fit in the jeans I was wearing that day. Of course, now that it’s here and I’m wearing a different pair of jeans, it won’t. It’s definitely still a travel wallet, to fit in a bag or jacket pocket and possibly your jeans.

I’ll note that this is definitely my own error in judgement, and by no means a miscommunication on Saddleback’s part. I do wear skinny jeans, and some of them (my Ksubis in particular) have smaller back pockets than normal. The only thing that might have helped my decision is some product shots on Saddleback’s website that gave a better sense of scale. Maybe showing it in someone’s hand, in a pocket, with cards in it, etc.

Here it is in my Cheap Mondays, the only ones that fit. You can see the difference in size by the wear pattern from the old wallet. I’ll see how I like it wearing it in the back pocket, I might have to change to carrying it in a bag.

My first impressions of the wallet are really great, despite the sizing. The leather is absolutely gorgeous, thick and firm but with a buttery soft texture. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few years. Check out Saddleback’s website here.