My Internets


If I find something I definitely want to remember (that will be tricky, but it’s just a skill to develop) I can save it to my HD with some tags/info about where it came from and such. I can actually see this working now. There’s still the issue with my likes/favs being there for public display but this is about my internets, not somebody else’s. I will master the skill of letting media slide by and delight in it only as it passes by me. I will catalog only the things I need in the future on my physical drives. I will be master of my internets.

Lukas makes a good point through talking it out with himself. When I “Like” something it’s a high five, not a bookmark. Your local filesystem is your friend. Spotlight comments by way of Quicksilver/FastScripts/whatever-other-utility are helpful, but only if you’d use them, I don’t. I’m too visual and usually just look through a big grid view of my “internet cache” Stuff folder to find things.

I know where he’s coming from though: I don’t want to worry about how I’m bookmarking things, I want to be finding new things and doing something new because of it.

This is really an issue with software and interfaces as a tool for discovery and learning, but that’s a completely different and much longer post.