Today at work, I’ve:

  • edited my MP3 parser (PHP)
  • explained sync sequences and unsync to David
  • improved my MOV parser (PHP)
  • adjusted a maintenance script (Bash)
  • hung out briefly with Justine Bateman and tried to convince her to switch from her BlackBerry to an iPhone for the far superior Tumblr experience
  • improved a Cocoa app (Objective-C)
  • dodged a cross-browser bug (Javascript)
  • added an attribute to the reblog formatting (HTML)
  • expanded profiling capabilities (PHP)
  • tweaked an image-processing operation (ImageMagick)
  • changed a proxy optimization (HTTP)
  • debated whether songs had a “name” or a “title”
  • played Orbital (they started talking about Star Trek at lunch so I retreated to my iPhone)
  • fleshed out a feature evolution idea with David
  • consulted with Jake Lodwick about an interesting idea of his
  • blogged (this)
  • listened to a few hours of great music
  • not answered a lot of email

I like working at a small company where such a great variety of tasks is common for one person to perform.

Emphasis mine. I’m beginning to realize that I need some aspect of this in a job before I’ll be able to stay at it for a long time.