It turns out that I forgot to do this for February, oops.


  • Spent some time in Maui
  • Deleted Twitter apps from everything, then reinstalled them, but I’m not posting right now
  • Launched PencilCase



“Before the internet, we called “filter bubbles” segregation. We call them “filter bubbles” now because its easier to see them as a manifestation of technology than the effect of our choices.”

Neighborhoods, the Anti-Algorithm via Guy Schmidt

“If you look at any piece of cheap consumer electronics long and hard enough you will be able to see nothing but a collection of externalities; with shitphones, you get there faster”

– Shitphone: A Love Story

Some moments of awkwardness are useful in reminding the reader that not all good things start out in English; not all genius is English—that’s an important truth. When I come across some stiffness in a translation from, say, the Bosnian or the Hindi, though it was probably not intended, I also appreciate that it puts me back in that town, in Sarajevo or Jaipur, you know, rather than just reading as if it came from downtown New York.

– Translation is a Human Interchange - Works That Work Vol. 1

I like where you’re going with the embalming and the eternal darkness, I just think it could pop a little more.

– Redesigning How People Die

A higher-wage platform decoupled from a demand for greater freedom at work and from work unavoidably contributes to ever-more alienated and mindless consumption while ultimately leading to the reproduction of capitalism and the requisite social logic. However, demands that shatter the illusion of scarcity (in this case scarcity of time) and contribute to a rethinking of human social life by revaluing the time not spent working are, I think, key to engendering an anti-hegemonic common sense.

– Shorter Work Weeks

Some things you teach yourself to remember to forget

– Count Zero

One of the consequences of representing global contemporaneity in the form of a new technological epoch is the sense of historical inevitability attributed to changes in large-scale economic developments and in the micro-phenomena of everyday life.

The form that innovation takes within capitalism is as the continual simulation of the new, while existing relations of power and control remain effectively the same.

– 24/7: Late capitalism and the ends of sleep
This book was unsatisfying, but there were some specific thoughts that resonated with me.

Notallmen/Yesallwomen: Secondary trauma and relearning everything for the sake of not killing each other

An Internet of Things is a good intro to Extrastatecraft.