Look at these beautiful things! I wanted some well-made medium brown leather shoes, with broguing and maybe a cap toe, to be my one pair of dress shoes. After looking at Gravity Pope, Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen, among the numerous other shoe stores in Edmonton, I realized I wouldn’t be finding those shoes here.

Holts and Harry carry Prada, Gucci, Canali, et al, but often not in my size or at prices beyond what I was willing to pay. Gravity Pope was much closer but still not quite there. I found some dark brown Pradas at Holts for 40% off, not in my size, Canalis in my size at Harry Rosen for \$725 and some too-traditional Grensons at Gravity Pope.

Somewhat disappointed, I was in Calgary for a luncheon and went walking downtown with my girlfriend to look around some more. Holts and Harry Rosen had much better selection in Calgary, as can be expected, but I actually ended up getting these from Brooks Brothers. I didn’t even know there was a Brooks Brothers in Calgary. They’re a slim shape in a chestnut brown and fit great. They’re hand made in England and stayed within my budget too. I was really impressed with the salesman, Gerard, and his knowledge of the Brooks and Peal & Co. brands.

Gravity Pope is still #1 in my books for shoes in Edmonton, but I’m glad that I was able to find what I wanted in Calgary instead of resorting to online shopping.