• Made redacted.pictures. It makes an image of redacted text, except for the words that you give to it.
  • My XMonad-in-Swift window manager arranges windows!
  • Implemented a few kinds of lists in Swift for that same app.


None. :( I swung hard back towards a lot of programming this month.


Will the Native Apple Watch SDK improve in any significant way computing for a large number of people? Will a luxury timekeeping computing device bring us together or drive us apart? Will a native SDK improve or harm that?

Will it help us understand complex problems? Will it help us devise solutions to these problems?

Will the SDK help me realize the destructive tendencies of a capitalist lifestyle? Will the SDK make developers want to buy a new Apple Watch every year because all these native apps slow their watches down and because well they have two arms anyway so what’s the harm in buying another? Will I think about the people living elsewhere in the world who manufactured the watch? Will I think about where “away” is when I throw the watch away? Will I think about how WWDC is celebrating me for changing the world despite my immense privilege enabling me to become a professional software developer and live in a celebrated bubble because me and people like me are like, real good at helping Apple sell more watches and iPhones?

Can you feel my heartbeat?

A Partial List of Questions About the Native Apple Watch SDK by Jason Brennan

There’s this meme going around that apps are this generation’s new art form. I think this is true, but I also think it is a pretty sad statement on this generation that its new art form is one that is effectively controlled by a single multinational corporation that will not allow art that involves political caricatures, overt social criticism, or nudity. If paint and canvas had those same restrictions, the only paintings we’d have from the old masters would be still lifes of fruit bowls.

Competition and Partisanship