• Went skating with friends at our local rink. ⛸
  • Ordered so many things for Slug.
  • Started east coast swing lessons with Monique. 👫
  • 🎂



The political poetry of left-populism may rhyme nicely with the language of the movements and resonate strongly with a public mood that is increasingly indignant at the inequities of financial capitalism and the corruption and unresponsiveness of the political elite—but it still remains the poetry of the past, embedded within a political imaginary that is wholly out of sync with the latest trends in capitalist development and the emerging forms of class struggle.

If it is not immediately obvious, for instance, how struggles over university tuition fees relate to urban uprisings against anti-black police violence or workers’ demands for a fair minimum wage, it will be difficult to bring such disparate movements together beyond superficial lip-service to “intersectionality” or ephemeral expressions of solidarity.

Towards a New Anti-Capitalist Politics by Jerome Roos