How I Made Juke

I had some friends ask me how I knew what I knew about programming after I showed off Juke. I’m still a beginner as far as programming goes, and I’m returning to it after an on-again off-again last few years, but I love that other people are interested in making their own ideas come to life.

Let’s assume you’re coming at this without any prior knowledge. If you want to learn a programming language then I would recommend the same thing that Mr. Arment recommends here, which (to paraphrase) is that you need to have an idea of what you want to build. For me, that was a way to play my mixtapes in a more dynamic way. You need that first.

The thing that I like about making things for the web is that it’s super easy to build an interface. It’s really the first thing that you’re probably going to do: code up the semantic structure of your HTML. Then you’ve got CSS to style your interface and JavaScript to make it do things.

So how did I learn what I needed to know to make Juke? I read. Alot.

Plus hundreds of other websites that I googled to find out really specific things. A List Apartis an essential resource for standards-based web coding, you could spend hours reading all the articles. Nettuts is an equally valuable website on many, many different topics that are usually geared towards the intermediate or advanced coder.