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As Jonathan Walford astutely points out in his book Shoes A-Z, “Fashion is born the moment design transcends purpose.”

Fall of the Designer Part I: Fashionable Nonsense

The question for me is not how digital technology allowed this hoax to happen, or whether Te’o was duped in the first place. The question is how very culturally specific ways of circulating knowledge and understanding what is true will continue to be used with new media – that is, what happens when Samoan ways of assessing others start to involve Facebook, texting, and video chats? What social workarounds do Samoans have to invent to continue using their ways of judging other people? And is Manti Te’o’s current travails an example of what happens when these culturally specific practices fail? Seeing this as only a story about digital technologies and their risks is to overlook how cultural everyone’s communication is.

A Samoan Hoax | Culture Digitally

Page is far from the first weathly and powerful visionary to be convinced that he could make the world a better place faster if it wasn’t for all these pesky rules. He joins a long line of people who thought they had a better idea as to how to run a community and the vast wealth to possibly do something about it.

I hear they are doing wonderful cutting-edge work in Bangladesh around high density rapid-construction factory architecture, even if it is occasionally catastrophically buggy.

We’ve thoroughly innovated in the area of long hours, harsh work conditions, abridged employee rights, and poor safety standards. Maybe it’s time to try something else. Where are the SEZs that are collectivist utopias? Where are the SEZs that abolish paid work altogether? Why isn’t there a matriarchal SEZ?

A Utopia of One’s Own

But the elephant-question-in-the-room isn’t ‘does it work?’, it’s ‘So what if it does work?’

Workalong: Designed Conflict Territories

I think I would have a really hard time doing this to the extent described (he’s written an update), but I’m aware that I’m moving in this direction already.