An update on Standards

So far there have been over 50 of you amazing, crazy people that have signed up for Standards. For that I’m really grateful and I hope you get as much out of it as I’ve put into it. I’d love to tell you that in one short week you’ll be the most productive, wealthy and good looking that you’ve ever been. Maybe you already are. You are, come on.

Building habits is something that takes time. Some studies point to an average of 66 days (ugh, two whole slow-as-molasses months) before a task starts to seem automatic. I made Standards to increase my awareness about how long and consistently I’ve been doing something by making it easy to track it. That’s why it works as a web app you can have on your phone’s home screen. I also created Standards because sometimes you lose the motivation to stick with something; you burn out on it. That’s why Standards asks for the reason that you want to make something a habit: it can remind you about it later.

I’ve got more ideas and refinements that I’m constantly working on to make Standards better, and if you have any feedback (this is broken, this sucks, this would be better, etc.) I’d love to hear it. You can also follow @standardsapp for news and updates.