2017 Print Exchange

After spending a lot of time on Instagram in 2016 I wanted to, well, not. I know a lot of brilliant people taking great photos and snapshots and all anyone can do is scroll by them. I had the idea of doing a monthly print exchange among friends, where we would get to keep a copy of each others photos. Keep reading! Or just click this: ⬇️

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The rules:

  • ~12 people at a time
  • pick 1-3 of your favorite photos each month
  • make prints at ~4x6 size, one of each for each other person
  • mail your photos to everyone else within a week after the month ends
  • get a bunch of other people’s favorite photos in the mail

The details:

I want this to be something fun to do each month! You decide what your favorite’s are, and, most importantly, that doesn’t have to mean “best”. Your photos don’t have to be secret or exclusive to this club either, because they’re yours! This is just another way to share them. Your prints should be reasonable quality, so no plain paper, but they don’t need to be fancy archival stuff either. Just nice enough that you’d want to give it to someone else. At the end of each month I’ll send a reminder email to everyone so they don’t forget to get prints made, and when you mail your prints there’ll be a button in the email you can click to confirm that you’re done. Maybe if we know someone’s waiting it’ll help nudge us all along to do the chore. If for some reason a ton of people sign up, I’ll split them up into a few groups so we don’t all end up paying $100 a month for 4x6 prints.

The most important part:

Sign up by clicking here 🙋 to send me an email. That’s it! You’ll get your first reminder email at the end of January.