I came to ...

I came to this theory after two decades of watching how my own diet influences my energy and personality. One pattern is remarkably clear: My creativity and energy are highest when I haven’t eaten much lately. Is that a coincidence?

Scott Adams - Breakfast is Overrated

In the past year I’ve been more conscious about what and how much food I eat, but this week I’ve been experimenting with this particular idea and observing the results. It’s something that I’ve previously noticed in the moment: when I eat a lot I get lethargic and when I’ve eaten very little (usually in the morning before breakfast or late at night) I’m most energetic and alert. You’ve probably noticed this too. There seems to be a sweet spot where I have eaten enough to sate myself until the next meal and can also still operate in a high mental state. In the past week I’ve definitely felt more of what I thought was hunger on a consistent basis each day, but I’ve come to associate it more with clear and effective thought instead.

And if you haven’t already been reading Scott’s blog, who is probably better known as the writer of Dilbert, you should be. He has some of the most thought-provoking posts about life and current events. I’d love to be able to know more about his thought process.