Citizens o...

Citizens of the modern age in this respect are less fortunate than children. They never escape a fundamental bewilderment in the face of the complex world that their senses report. They are not able to organize all or even very much of this into sensible wholes.

Autonomous Technology: Technics-Out-Of-Control by Langdon Winner

Being an adult is to feel hyperfamiliar with everything. When we were young we did drugs because they were exciting and new. New is a lost cause but these days I’d settle for weird. I welcome synthetic curiosity. Whether you’re pulling out your medical marijuana card or doing ayahuasca or dabbling in psilocybin, LSD, or DMT, it’s to other the familiar. I understand Burning Man. I even get “the second weekend of Coachella.” I know why people have children. Seeing yourself in another person must be fun when you’re so over yourself on your own. I wonder if not having kids is what being a vampire feels like. Where you’re just sort of casually unimpressed and stuck there.

Eat Pray Roll