Big Billbo...

Big Billboard Face + Pedestrian Photographs! This is a lazy sub-class of “street photography” which is the photographic equivalent of seeing two people at a table in a restaurant talking on mobile phones and saying to your friend “Gosh, I wonder if they’re talkin’ to each other? Har Har Har” These pictures are some of the least challenging pictures possible- similar to Weathered Old Barn photos where the sense of Nostalgic Sentimentality is swapped with a ham-fisted combination of forced Irony and Realness since they feature unknown people and Oh My God the face on the billboard is big and the person walking past is smaller than that face! They are super easy to shoot because all you have to do is wait quietly across from a large picture of a face.

John Sypal

It’s funny reading that your work which you really like is actually not worthy of anything. I liked that weathered old barn photo! Oh well, more photos soon.