Vancouver, an Epilogue

It’s over as fast as it began. The past two weeks have been a turbulent stream of patriotism, friendship and perspective. I followed the Olympic events from afar, but the culture and atmosphere that I experienced couldn’t be replaced by anything else. The photos that I took are snapshots of my trip, people in moments that this event made possible.

Some Notes For My Own Record, In Chronological Order:

  • The didgeridoo is my favourite instrument.
  • Once you start eating healthily, you will hate it when you don’t.
  • I love Vancouver.
  • There’s a lot of weed here, but more rain. (Edit: Maybe not.)
  • I shouldn’t procrastinate packing for 3 week trips.
  • I shouldn’t go shopping. I’ll buy it, and it will be expensive.
  • Conversing with people you don’t know is easy, try it!
  • It’s important to be interested.
  • They’re friends, man.
  • FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out.
  • I know all about Blake’s childhood.
  • I didn’t eat any Nutella for a week!
  • It’s a lot quieter all of a sudden.

Six months ago I didn’t know anybody in Vancouver, but across two trips here I’ve made friends I’m already missing (It’s almost my last sleep here.) Thank you to everyone I got to see once again and to those I’m saying goodbye to for the first time for opening up yourselves and your city to me.