Tote Bag

Earlier this year I was travelling a few times to NYC for work and wanted a bag that was a little less “optimized for cycling” while I was in a midtown office tower. I think it was around this time that SDR released their tote bag and, not having a tote or the time to order one, figured I could whip something up with the coated ripstop I had sitting around.

I explored a lot of different styles of totes but settled on a simple unlined tote with box corners. The dimensions and construction were mostly borrowed from the SDR tote. The inner pocket was salvaged from this other experiment and saved me some time.

It doesn’t have any structure to it, so even though it’s a good volume for travelling and is water resistant, it also can pack down into other luggage or a backpack. There are a few things I would do differently next time though.

  • I get a little nervous laying it under the seat on an airplane, and a zippered top would prevent things from falling out. It would also give a little extra protection for electronics when walking in the rain.
  • The inner pocket could be a little taller, sit a little deeper in the bag, and be zippered too. I like the way it’s currently split in two large sections, and that it’s open means it’s easy to access while carrying, but smaller items are prone to rolling out when the bag is laid down.
  • The straps are slippery and will slide off of a shoulder, especially if I’m wearing something synthetic. The SDR tote’s straps are folded in half, and I wonder if the fact that the weight is less spread out would mean it’s more likely to dig in a bit.