Sluglog: March 28, 2016

We spent the weekend in Red Deer working on Slug and got a lot of big things done that would have taken much longer if we didn’t have help from family:

  • Jump started it three times before we got going. 😆 The first time the battery was dead, the second because I forgot the alternator doesn’t energize until about 1100 RPM and the third because I shorted the positive terminal when I was taking off the jumper cable. Had to push it through a four-way stop in front of some amused onlookers too.
  • Installed a new fridge that’ll run off the auxiliary battery and solar system and used the cabinet door that was on the old one to add a much larger door to the closet in the rear. Moving that door makes the existing tiny closet door, which also couldn’t be opened when the table was stored, seem so silly in hindsight.
  • Installed a new awning that is so, so easy to set up
  • Installed a roof rack for some extra storage that we may need
  • Got the perfect fabric to make a front curtain, and then found the original Westfalia curtain in the rear closet. It’s brown, but it matches… Now what to do with all of this fabric?
  • Removed the 50L water tank that was beside the closet. It was much bigger (and heavy when full) than we should ever need and now we’ll have more storage inside the van. I’m planning on adding a smaller replacement fresh water tank and a grey water tank under the sink instead. Note that when the Bentley guide subtly mentions that you need to remove the rear bench before lifting the entire cabinet out in order to remove the water tank, it’s serious. We managed to do it without that step, also despite some wires run through both, but it wasn’t easy or fun.
  • Installed a BlazeCut on the inside of the engine lid for some extra safety
  • Installed a third brake light for some more visibility and an auxiliary backup light to make it easier to back into dark camping spots without taking out a barbecue grill
  • Jump started it twice again before we left. 😁 First because we left the interior light on while working and second because I turned off Slug after turning around in the street but before it had charged enough. We’re getting really good at this.