Sluglog: March 14, 2016

  • Dropped off Slug to get some propane work done this week. The line going to the current fridge will be removed, and a new connection will be added for an external camp stove to use when we want to cook outside.
  • Purchased some adhesive stair tread (basically sandpaper) to put on the glossy powdercoated rungs of the Gary Lee ladder.
  • Got some parts to try to fix the mirror I broke without needing to replace the now-shorter threaded stud. I’m hoping that a new, shorter spring that actually compresses will allow getting a nut on to the remaining threads. It should also be more effective at holding the mirror in place.
  • Got some great mosquito netting from a fabric store to replace the crumbling, coarse original netting in the pop-top window. Not looking forward to hand-sewing this in, but looking forward to having a big bug-proof vent for hot nights.