Polaroid SX-70 (side)

(Thanks for the first submission lauterhaus!

Suddenly tumblarity is in the hundreds after months of wallowing in the single digits. Thank you tumblr staff!

For new followers: One of the first things you’ll realize is that this blog is really, really irregular in its posting. Weeks of inactivity followed by 20 posts within an hour. Don’t expect that to change, but I hope you enjoy my project nonetheless.

Holy crap y’all. I got tumblr tuesday’d. ILMS has triple the followers I have!

I Love My Scanner is one of those great examples of the flexible Tumblr platform, so the Tumblr Tuesday recognition is very appropriate. It’s run (and now curated, open for submissions!) by Lukas Winklerprins, a really smart young guy that I met in New York this summer. He also contributes to Minma, a great minimal design-oriented blog that, coincidentally, I had read before I even met him.