Juke (also the name of my mixtapes) is the jQuery plugin that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Mostly a proof of concept and learning exercise, it’ll let people listen to your mixes while it flips through the album art for each track and gives them markers throughout. It also ties in to Last.fm! I think it’s kind of snazzy and I’ll be adding a few more features soon, so check out the demo.

For those interested in the technical mumbo-jumbo: It runs on the latest jQuery, jQuery UI and SoundManager 2 libraries. The sound goes through Flash 8+ or <audio\>, and SoundManager handles all of that (it’s amazing). The project started out using HTML5 Boilerplate. Audio code started with Ben Bodien’s tutorial, slider code with SlidesJS, and the API caching code (for Last.fm) with Return True’s tutorial.