I’ve been asked what my inspiration is for my photographs a few times now.

I hate that question.

It’s probably because I haven’t been taking photos for a very long period of time, and I haven’t seem to have found my own personal style yet. Maybe it’s “minimalism”? Not all of my photographs are compositionally minimal, but I guess I tend to limit colors. Except for my New York photos. Maybe not then.

When I was doing some post in Lightroom on this photo though, I realized that I love the texture of fabrics. I was instantly reminded of this photo of my Endovanera “Wicked Piece”, which is my all-time favorite item of clothing even though I rarely wear it any more. Textures was the big thing that I looked for when I was really into fashion, like what you would see from Damir Doma. The entirely impractical (Julia, you were right about that, I admit it) drape-y and post-apocalyptic garb that Rick Owens pioneered.

This photo still sucks. It’s boring. It might be kind of cool if there were something happening behind those curtains, some silhuette of incongruity. But I like the texture, so there’s that.