If you haven’t yet, you should check out Portra. It’s a photo sharing web app to demo iOS6’s file upload capability. Take a photo, apply a filter and share it.

I wanted to finish a few things before filing it away and moving on, so here it is:

  • You can only use Portra from your phone, so now you can send a link to your phone with an SMS message from the about page. This was a good learn for launching anything: decrease friction. Make it as easy as possible for people to try what you’re hocking.
  • Don’t force users to add it to their home screen before using, just make the suggestion and don’t mind if they don’t. People take their home screens seriously, and this decreases friction again.
  • Fixed the image squishing bug, which is an iOS 6 bug, but is still a glaring problem with a photo sharing app. I didn’t come up with the fix, and it’s clever, so check out stomita’s work on GitHub.
  • Switched to iconmonstr icons instead of Font Awesome. I only needed a few glyphs and this dropped the load times quite a bit.
  • Swap the canvas with an img element after rendering the filter and don’t use web-app-capable so you can tap-and-hold the filtered image to save it to your camera so you can copy the image. You can’t save images inside a web-app-capable app on iOS (I don’t know why either) but I want it to behave like an app, so that’s the tradeoff I chose.