I moved the main Fidlock hardware from the back of the bag I’m working on to the sides in the hopes of improving the way it hung from the straps. You can see in this photo that the weight is directed straight down instead of away from the straps, and the wearer’s back.

There are a few other things I want to change about it:

  • The large top opening makes sense for a roll-top, but I think I’m going to halve the size of the bag and either close it or replace it with a zipper. My initial design was trying to do too much.
  • The zipper opening on the front is small, especially if I remove the large top opening.
  • The material, a coated 70d nylon ripstop, is too light. I can live with it, but it should have more structure.

So I have some things to consider in the next few weeks. I’d like to finish a prototype that I’m happy enough with to take on our trip and use as a day bag without a laptop.