I’ve been constantly redesigning the 32px site trying to figure out how exactly you’re supposed to display a 32x32px image. I wanted a giant grid of tiny images, but I ran into the 15 post max per page on Tumblr so I decided to change to a single post per page with a frame around it. It works in Safari but I haven’t checked in anything else yet, I’m sure it breaks in IE.

Let me know what you think of it!

Like the frame idea. Could you maybe move the navigation arrows to the next line? They jump around a lot as you scroll through the different pictures.

Also, if you want a grid you could add a new “text” post and there’s an “+ add photo” link right above the dialogue box. If you did that you could edit your posts and add - say 4x4(16) pixel images.

Does that make sense? It probably doesn’t because I can’t explain things well. :P

Arrows fixed, that bugged me too. The idea for the grid would work, but it would break the idea of one image per post, liking, reblogging, etc. The frame is growing on me now too, thanks for the feedback Alexis!