When we moved into our new apartment in Calgary, we knew we wanted to take advantage of the walls to hang some photos that have literally been laying around for years. Between old plaster walls in our last house and Slug’s four walls we haven’t had anywhere to hang them. So there was a stack. Today I went looking for a print from Christian that I’ve been meaning to put up for years, and I finally did. What a nice bit of Alberta to catch a glance of every day.

I also had a 4x6 frame that I needed to fill, and so I unpacked a box of prints that’s stuffed full. I also found the too-small binder of sleeved negatives that were forgotten archived.

A month ago, after putting effort into Instagram almost daily for the preceding six, I had the idea of a monthly print exchange. A small group of people sending a few of their favorite 4x6 snapshots to each other. Finding prints from years ago, my own and gifts from friends, made me understand again how important it is to hold and look at these things on something other than a screen. It’s really something else. I plan on starting that print exchange soon, after the holidays calm down a bit.