hi there, i was curious what kind of bag you have in this picture

hi there, i was curious what kind of bag you have in this picture:

and if you might have a link where i could see/buy it online? thanks!

Yes! Sort of. It’s a MOLLE pouch, which from my research (read: not an expert):

MOLLE is the name of a system of packs, bags and pouches yadda yadda that all hook together. You’ll notice they all have the same straps and webbing on them to interlock. The military uses it, which means that it’s usually good quality (there are, of course, cheaper knockoffs). The only downside is that there’s not much internal organization, unless you go to Maxpedition or similar bags which aren’t MOLLE but similar in form factor. Mine is just a big empty pouch, so I pack it strategically and the small stuff kind of floats inside.

I got mine on eBay, it was a used military standard-issue bag and in good, broken-in shape. It’s about 8x5x3” and it holds the essentials, so I throw it in whatever bag, backpack or tote I take with me for the day. There’s tons on eBay and you’ll find it at a decent price. If not that then check at a local surplus supply store, they’ll have something. It also wouldn’t hurt to check out Maxpedition or more “tactical” gear simply to see what sort of organization they have built-in.

Best of luck!