I make native apps for Apple’s platforms, and I’ve also made web apps, HTML5 games, Photoshop scripts and analog and digital hardware.

I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, currently living in Calgary, Alberta, and you can reach me at brandon@brandonevans.ca or @interstateone.

— Brandon


How I (Try To) Reverse Engineer iOS Apps

For a lot of my time as an iOS developer I would see prominent people in the industry sharing details about how the internals of UIKit or other parts of the operating system worked, and it always seemed like magic. The idea that I would be able to do this myself seemed unreachable. Recently I wanted to investigate an app released by my regional government to verify a hunch about how it worked.

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  • Did They Vote For C-51? 2015 javascript
    See how your MP voted on bill C-51 and tell them how you feel about that.

  • redacted.pictures 2015 javascript
    Make an image of redacted text, except for the words that you give to it.

  • Jeff 2014 mac
    The best way to record your screen as a GIF.

  • Scribble 2014 photoshop
    Annotate your PSDs with font information for better developer handoffs.

  • Today's Vote 2013 go
    Easily stay up to date with what Canada's House of Commons is voting on each day.

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